Facebook Live is my New Voice!

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In a couple of hours I will be going live for the first in the series on Telling Your Story on my Facebook Page. I’d love to speak with you there!

If you had asked me a year ago how I felt about being on camera, I would have baulked. Actually, a few months ago I would have said the same thing. I HATE myself on camera and I hate the sound of my own voice. I still do, let me tell you!

But with so many talks and interviews lately and before I knew it I’d said yes to doing a Facebook Live for The Mighty. I’ve no idea what’s come over me but I’m loving it. I still hate looking at myself on camera or hearing my own voice, but even with my brain fog and nerves and all the rest of it, I am finding that the live interaction on Facebook Live is right up my alley. I even tried to do one that wasn’t live (as in a podcast / Youtube video) and I just froze through the whole thing.

I think that talking to a live, interactive audience changes everything for me as I quickly forget the camera and simply talk to people. I share my story and my heart and simply answer questions and the next thing I know I’ve run over time. So thank you all for your support in these. Please feel free to watch past streams and sign on for new ones HERE.

I write memoir, and I speak and write on chronic illness, abuse, EDS and more, but finding my voice has been the overarching theme through everything as I have spent my life so far struggling with being squashed and bullied and silenced. Finding my voice has been one of the most liberating things in my life but it has also been the hardest. It wasn’t overnight, it wasn’t even over months. It was a long and painful journey that I am still walking. This adds such a richness to that story.

Nothing will replace the full books where I can speak about things that are too hard to say out loud, or are too long for a single sitting, but speaking live with people brings my story to life in a whole new way!

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New Year, New Book!

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It’s a new year and I am hearing in equal amounts how many people are making New Year Resolutions and how many aren’t. I get both sides and in different ways I agree with both of them. I am doing neither and I am thankful for the luxury of that right now. So many people had an horrendous 2016 but mine was pretty good. Not perfect, but this time last year I wasn’t really winning any of my health battle. Not that I am now but I have learnt so much about how to manage with the restrictions on my life and putting myself to bed for much of my time has proven to be a real game changer for me.

I am still learning to create balance and keep myself moving. But most of all I have found a portion of my voice which had been hidden all these years and I have started to write like there is no tomorrow. I wrote three books last year, multiple articles for The Mighty, and I am on the count down to actually launch my first book next week.

It’s Mah Eeds” is the story of the 30 plus years spent without a diagnosed and the incredibly painful and difficult journey to find one. “The Lion and the Peacock” grew out of one of the chapters that I was writing on “It’s Mah Eeds“. I realized as I was writing it that I needed to tell that chapter in much more detail and to package it neatly for anyone who is suffering anxiety and/or panic attacks, so that they could maybe benefit from it without having to buy the whole book.

It has been a fascinating journey but I have loved every minute of it and I have absolutely no idea where 2017 is going to take me, but if it is anything like 2016 then the highs are going to be amazing… even if they are just from my bed!

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