May is EDS Awareness Month!!


This is it people, this is our month! We love being a part of rare disease day and the other groups we get to be a part of, but May is our month, our time in the sun and we get to shout it out and let everyone know about us, and Zebras and all there is to know about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. We can’t make anyone listen, but in May we have permission to shout about it 🙂

So I am going to kick off EDS Awareness month by going live! Just like and follow my Facebook Page HERE then tune there this coming Monday, May 1st at the following time for my first ever Facebook Live (if nothing else than to laugh at me and all the mistakes I make LOL).

PST 10:30am EST 1:30pm London 6:30pm – Johannesburg 7:30pm

You can ask me anything EDS, chronic illness, anxiety, or book related and I will try and answer as best I can. If you have EDS yourself then get your friends and family to join in as well, as they can ask questions too! Looking forward to seeing you then!

For a direct link to the Event go HERE, and share the link around, tell me you are coming, and best of all, ask as many questions as you’d like ahead of time but putting them in the comments. On the night, these will be the first ones I answer but you will be able to ask more in the comments of the live event. I’d so appreciate your support! Don’t forget, it’s this coming Monday!

Julie post LifeLine

To book a talk with me and discuss my schedule you can contact me on

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