A Great Reminder of Modern Photography

I’m not that old really, and I used to take tons of photos (still do), but I realized anew today just how the power of social media and photography are skewing our minds and our memories.

I look at toys these days and think how wonderful it would have been if we had been able to afford the kinds of toys that are around. We had no money and no family, so the toys were very basic. My children were the kind of kids who played a lot with cardboard tubing like toilet rolls etc.

I look at all the blogging moms now and I can’t help but feel a little jealous. The toys they have given their children, but also the beautiful photos.

When my babies outgrew their Duplo and their other cruddy old toys, many of which have teeth marks, eyes missing, paint chips, scratches, and in-ground dirt, I tucked them away for safe keeping even though weren’t beautiful antiques or gorgeous keepsakes.

Today I brought out those boxes, sorted the toys into baskets, and took some snaps of them with my phone. The lighting happened to be just right and I have to say, they don’t look so bad at all!

It all depends on an era of camera phones, cropping, and these aren’t even edited! Their toys and our lives don’t look so bad after all. They were still hard, (and as hard as I remember them to be) but they now scrub up pretty well on Social Media!

What a different world we live in. This is a huge reminder to me that when we compare our lives to social media pics.. how doomed we are?!?!?


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