This morning my back went. Anyone with Eeds know what it means when something goes. It’s not so much about falling or banging into things, tho those are major issues too. It is about the smallest things sometimes, and the tendons twist and twang and tear and it is gut wrenchingly painful. I have passed out from the pain in the past.
Today was supposed to be my art day. This is a crucial part in my normalcy and something that I am forced to do less and less of. But this morning my back went. It doesn’t help that a misplaced hug a fortnight ago did my left arm in either, so I can’t hang on so well, or even roll over without help.

So in the blink of an eye I have gone from relative independence and a day out planned, driving myself, to needing assistance for everything from rolling over to sitting on the loo.

Thankfully my husband is not traveling with work and he was able to drop everything and come home. But it’s a huge scare and reminder of the unpredictability of our lives.

I am writing this one finger at a time, on my phone, feeling a mixture of thankfulness for this technology and frustration that it is so slow…

At least a have a bunch of books that I need to catch up on!! 


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