Food has always been a bit of an issue for me. So have allergies and of course, those go hand in hand. Long before I got Mah Eeds diagnosis I struggled a lot with feeling as though going into a supermarket was an exercise in denial and a massive reminder of everything that I can’t have.

Years of specialists, allergists, varying opinions and not too many answers and the bottom line always appears to me to be some kind of avoidance. Avoid this food or that food, avoid some of the symptoms or my questions, avoid a diagnosis that means anything and so on. So when I walk into any kinds me of food shop, where as a mother of a large growing family I have always needed to do multiple times every week, all around me the things that I am denied scream out and mock me! It is deeply depressing (in the real sense of the word).

Now I have bitten then bullet and risked Vulnerability Exhaustion in the name of finding some more up to date answers…. ugh, and the answer is a year offย from all kinds of milk (including oat, almond, rice, cow, sheep, goat) other than coconut milk (yuck!). I am not allowed ANY grains (wheat, oat, barley, you name it) or potatoes and I am already allergic to all uncooked fruit & veg.

“Oh, that sounds like Paleo!” people excitedly tell me… nope, paleo people can have milk and cheese and eggs (did I mention I can’t have egg white?).

The last two days I spent a whole week of spoons and WAY too much money buying the chaff that I am allowed to eat and it is all disgusting. Yes, my fridge is also full of chicken lamb beef & fish …. but honestly, there is only so much meat one can eat in a day!!


6 thoughts on “Food!

  1. I hate to add to it but if you’re off potatoes you might want to try stopping other nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, etc). They can increase arthritic style pain in some people.


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