The Writing Side of Me:

img_0363-1As you know, there is more to me than just Mah Eeds and that I love to write and share my story. I love it, and I never take for granted that I have been given this outlet! But I also sometimes find it all quite overwhelming, as though if I had started writing years ago then I might be all caught up by now and that I am always behind. But I didn’t and I don’t seem to be able to find the time nor the spoons to get it all written down before the next thing happens. But this blog was my first, my followers here are those who took a chance on me before I ever published anything else, and when I am feeling overwhelmed by the world, this is my safe place. I feel that I am able to be the girl with the broken body without feeling that I need to apologize, be professional, wear a mask, beat a deadline, or write the right things!

Spreading my wings has been wonderful. I now guest blog in a few other places and as you know I even launched my first book a couple of weeks ago. It has sold over 2,000 copies since then and still going strong! People are asking me to speak at various places, and while I am happy to do that and excited that people are getting so much out of my little book, I am also keenly aware that I need to keep pacing myself and watching my spoons. I am not a marketer or a sales person and I am not comfortable tooting my own horn. But in order to get myself out there and do something decent with this book then I have to.

I am enjoying Twitter and meeting new people there, but it is also a fast-paced and fickle place and people dump you very quickly if you don’t do what they want you to do. It feels to me like a huge hall where everyone is shouting to be louder than the next person. That is not a comfortable space for me.

But this space is a comfortable space for me and I love writing here. I am behind on everything, having spent the last 2 weeks launching the book, traveling overseas, running a wedding, and flying home again at 4 am yesterday. So this will be a whole week in bed or by the fire (other than Dr appointments) recovering and recharging and I really hope that that also includes loads of proper catching up with my online world. It is good to be here again 🙂 xxxx


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