Free for 3 days!


wow, wow wow …..I am so blown away by the public response to my book! I had no idea what to expect. Of course I had a dream, and of course I hoped that it would do well, but I really thought that a best-case-scenario would be that it would do OK and would help some people. But I also feared a total disaster worst-case-scenario. I sometimes feel as though I am a goldfish, going around and around in circles, regularly coming to exactly the same space as I was a few hours ago and having exactly the same reaction “this is going to be great…” and then “What on earth was I thinking, who do I think I am putting my heart and soul out there?” And feeling sure that they are all going to laugh at me! And then I go back to thinking that maybe this is going to be fine (again).

So in terms of what I expected, I had absolutely no idea what was realistic or what to hope for. I did not want to set myself up for disappointment. And I still think that all the people who will ever like it have now said so and that now it will flop completely and no one else will read it…

Total strangers have actually bought my book and so far every single review has been 5 stars. Now THAT is something that I did not even hope for in all my dreams! But I am also realistic and maybe this is where the good part of the dream ends? Maybe it goes downhill from now on?

The book will be FREE for a few days from right now through Saturday, so please feel free to download it, read it and let me know what you think. And to let anyone else know who may be interested. It wont cost you anything.

I am also learning that reviews are everything. I saw a picture on Twitter today with the headline “Authors can’t sell books without reviews!” and so I looked it up and it is true! People have a voice these days and if they don’t use it then writers go down the toilet!

I know that as a reader I never understood the value of a review other than ego for the author, but now I do. The algorithms and all those numbers are there for a reason. Huge importance is placed on real and genuine reviews and these are used for Amazon to decide who they promote and who they don’t. And so now I am slowly chipping away at writing a review for every book that I have ever read!

So if you have a few moments of time and have not read the book yet, then I would love you to read it for free here, and an honest review would mean the world to me! 🙂 You can leave one at Goodreads as well as on the Amazon book itself. Thanks sooo much for the support!


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