Why I stopped writing my Memoir to Share my Anxiety Story


img_0364-1I have not been blogging as much here as much as I like, but mostly because I have been working my butt off writing my book (which will go live on Kindle in the next 48 hours and I won’t lie, I’m petrified, but don’t tell them that!) and trying to self-care at the same time. Obviously, I couldn’t do it all and something had to give, so Christmas became the sacrificial lamb and we pretended that it was just any other day. We hid away in the bush for two weeks and did some major thinking time, with each other and God, … all that self-examination stuff and all that, (though nothing weird I can assure you).

I have also been doing most of my writing on my Writery Blog (my official grown-up writer page) because I need to be working hard at promoting my book. And I can’t stand self-promotion and couldn’t sell water to someone dying of thirst if I tried. So please excuse me if I write a bit less here for the next couple of weeks while I tend to that. You are welcome to follow mere there if you haven’t already?

In case you missed it, I am writing a short (less than an hour) book that tells the basic version of how I beat my anxiety and of course the tools needed to replicate my success. I am still writing all the other stories, but until then, The Lion and the Peacock – How I Conquered Anxiety, will be available THIS SUNDAY woohoo! You can sign up here to get an email as soon as it is out on Kindle Amazon as well as when it will be out in paperback. So please support an Independent Spoonie Author and join the email list? Thanks as always!

Yes please, SIGN ME UP! (no spam I promise!)

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