Mixed Blessings

It’s been a huge week with a bunch of great mile stones including 100 posts on here woohoo… but it’s also been a tough week.

Lots more specialists doctors and tests and oh boy do I hate tests!! ….. I’m kinda used to blood tests and the nurse was super gentle, but tomorrow I will not only be getting the results but more importantly, they will dictate the next round of tests starting the next day.
New doctors or specialists are always bitter sweet for me because they open up a door to the possibility of more hope and hope is one of the life lines of those of us with chronic illness. But on the flip side, hope makes us vulnerable and dashed hope can be close to fatal. Emotionally of course ….but we know how powerful that is whether we like it or not!

On so many levels this last week has brought a number of unrelated surprises which have brought a ton of hope emotionally, spiritually and physically, but that hope has also then been squashed and restored again! Even I have struggled to keep up with three roller coasters going full pelt at the same time!!

Lots of writing fodder though and another book is born haha… so watch this space!


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