Lost Voice…


Yes that is a pile of snotty tissues! Sorry for the TMI ….

About five years ago I got a really bad cough. The whole family had it, and it was such a bad one that people were taking three weeks to start feeling better again. It was a mid summer cough too, so no one was happy as it did the rounds of our social circles. I tried very hard to avoid everyone, but as always happens, especially before diagnosis, I caught it. I couldn’t shake it for anything, and I coughed until I threw up many times in the night, every night, for over three months. I slept in a sitting up position … which of course meant that I didn’t sleep well and nor did I keep the coughing at bay well. I reached exhaustion and beyond. I dislocated some ribs, and as it was pre diagnosis, it took three months of getting no better before anyone took me seriously.

This long drawn out misery and incredible pain meant that my brain fog was at it’s worst, and very quickly I completely lost my voice. And by gone I mean nothing left at all. People didn’t really believe me until they turned up anyway, sure that I couldn’t still be sick and sure that my voice can’t be completely gone. But the shock on their faces when I answered the door was a reminder to me just how sick I was. I was put on complete rest and eventually after three months I started to heal, and slowly my voice came back. But the damage was so bad that with Mah Eeds body tissues my voice never fully recovered. I was never able to hold much of a tune, but since then I have been unable to sing (at all), unable to shout, and unable to talk for long without coughing and my voice hurting 😦

Worst of all, is that whenever I catch even the slightest cough or sore throat, the first thing to go is my voice. And so here we are again, for the second time in as many months, and I have absolutely no voice whatsoever. Thankfully my throat doesn’t hurt, but I’m all snotted up, and can’t communicate at all. At least the cough is 80% gone, but I truly have no sound coming out at all. I am trying to rest, I am trying to be good, but we have been away for the past two weeks visiting family and I am jet lagged and exhausted. I am trying to stay in bed but specialists are important and take months to organise and so I can’t miss appointments especially ones like todays which I had already postponed once.

So rest rest rest for me for now, and loads of prayers that my voice decides to return soon! No phone, no Skype, no going out (no point)… and I’m getting rather sick of not even being able to communicate with the dog!


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