Laptops & Bean Bags

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the humble laptop. The timing in my own personal chronic journey has meant that as my world has been cropped and cropped until in some ways there is little left (only some ways), my writing world has grown at around the same pace. The lost “productive” time that used to be spent doing physical things and running around in quite an active life (at great physical cost I now realise), now has to be put into looking after myself. But if I do it well, then I can combine resting with writing, which is good for my soul, which in turn is great medicine for my body. Keeping my spirits up is integral to my well being, both physically and emotionally.

But I would not be able to do this if I had to sit at a desk. My body is very fragile and I need to keep my legs raised, so without being taught, I have learnt to keep my body supported and very well aligned (otherwise it fights back in pain). And so with my trusty laptop and my furry black companion, (and an Internet connection, which is sometimes dodgy), I am able to write and write and write.

It is a huge reminder of how spoilt I am to be living in this day and age. It is not that long ago that none of this would be possible and my life would be truly miserable. I am not very good at doing nothing and I need connection and outlet and … life.

The second saviour is the huge bean bags that I made last year from scrap furniture fabrics that I had lying around (as you do, … well I do anyway). They also allow me to keep my feet up and my body well supported so that I can write, and as they weigh so little I can drag them around the house to get some sun in winter, shade in summer, be with company or like in this photo now, to sit by the fire on an unusually cold afternoon.

Two huge blessings and life changing things that I am so thankful for but often take for granted.


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