Being Purposeful..

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 5.12.38 PMI know that I have spoken about bits of this before, but there is a much bigger picture. A couple of weeks ago I posted a bit about Fridays being called “Friendly Fridays” (see below) and someone responded by asking about all the other days of the week in a way that implied that I thought that only Fridays are important.

This week I kept my promise of Mondays in bed and not getting out or dressed AT ALL, simply staying in my office and writing, creating and resting. But on Tuesday which is supposed to be a creative day in the studio filling my soul and using my hands to create things as I have always done, my husband (without meaning to of course) swapped some appointments around and I landed up having to go to an appointment on Tuesday which meant that Thursday was spent with commitments to others in the studio, and of course Thursday is supposed to be the other rest day.

It didn’t seem like it would be anything more than swapping but it landed up being a total disaster! For some people I am sure that self care comes naturally to them, but not for me. It was a massive wake up call reminder that I built this schedule for a reason and I need to stick to it!

Fridays are called Friendly Fridays because I was suffering a lot of guilt about saying no to so many people during the week and so having social things on Fridays feels like I am not always saying no. So they are about being friendly but also about being friendly to myself and only doing things within 5 minutes of home. Then I am usually pretty rested up for the weekend.

  • Mondays = rest at home in bed!
  • Tuesdays = Studio day where I am uplifted by creating and spend it with only one other person who is amazing at looking after me!
  • Wednesdays = appointments of any kind, with no more than one each Wednesday or else a big gap if there has to be 2
  • Tuesdays = rest at home in bed!
  • Friendly Fridays where I can visit, create etc but keep it low key and close to home.

There is a huge difference between legalistic or pedantic, ….and being purposeful and sticking to it. I am learning the second one slowly….



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