Will you be my Family for a Day?


It is easy to assume that everyone on social media at least has an emotional base of support family and/or friends. A bunch of people who look, share, post and promote, simply because they love us and want us to succeed. Or they are proud of us and want all their friends to see and know what we do. But for all kinds of reasons some of us don’t, and I am sure that I am not the only one.

But in the few weeks that I have gone “out there” into the social media world with Twitter and Facebook page and so on, I have been keenly watching what others do and what strategies work for them. And one of the early boosts that I have noticed, as people “launch” is what I call the “Friends & Family” affect. Those who have a huge network of friends, family and coworkers, many of whom are on social media already, either with well honed skills or not, and those people have launched with numbers instantly into the hundreds. Even the aunty in Poland who doesn’t speak English and only has a Facebook account because her grandchildren made it for her, and has absolutely no idea what she is promoting or how, is so proud of her niece for launching her new hairdressing shop, that she is now on every day, hitting those “share” and “like” buttons like her life depends on it.

Every hit counts. Yes the cousins and coworkers who know what they are doing and blog about the new business, retweet it with great hashtags and links and pictures, or promote it on Facebook, are going to add to the numbers way more than granny hitting those share and like buttons. But each and every one counts, …they all add up and their stuff pops up on more and more newsfeeds… each one an opportunity for some stranger to investigate for themselves if this is something that they are interested in. A base line of 500 is huge (and I think unusual?).

But for a number of reasons, I fall at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. My base line is almost nonexistent. My family of origin (both those who were the abusers and therefore contacts have been cut) but also those who remain are either completely non tech savvy and don’t even have any social media, but more importantly, many of them don’t believe that I should be saying anything. They believe that I should be silent about my abuse, mind my own business with my illness, and “pretend to be normal”. In their minds (and that is OK too), their way of surviving in this family and with these genetic health issues, is to wear a mask, to hide and shut up and survive in silence.

I am bucking the system, breaking the cycles, and getting out ….and they would not be pleased that I am plastering it all over the internet. So I am starting on a base line of NOTHING. And now I’m asking anyone who sees this, if they would mind giving me a “Friends & Family” affect. Even just for a moment, a day, or whatever you would like. I am sooo happy for my hairdressing friend for her 500 launch number because of her amazing family and community. But I simply don’t have that. My launch pad of 3 consists of my husband and 2 trusted friends, none of whom are into social media at all, ….the rest has been organic growth and I’m proud of it, I’m heading towards both the 1 month mark and the 100 followers mark…

But I would love it if you would be happy to check out, promote, share, like, and be my token “Friends & Family” affect. I understand that none of you will want to be my Aunt Zelda and hit those buttons like your life depends on it for the next ten years, but I’ll take anything that is hit, shared or talked about that you are happy to offer 🙂

If you are on Facebook, here is my page. For Twitter, I am here as @JPeaSmith. Here is my blog on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which I suffer from and was born with. I am an artist, so if that is your thing, then follow my art blog here. I am writing my life story with the intension of publishing it in the not too distant future. And if you are also new to Social Media and want to journey with me, get help, or see what it’s like being a newbie like me, then here is my social media blog too. Instagram is here, but I appear to be getting nowhere fast with that.


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