Self Care is Emotional & Physical.

img_2506Self care is something that happens so much in my life. In fact it is vital! Because of Mah Eeds, I need to take super good care of myself, but that is really tough when you have never learnt to self care in any kind of way. I had always mixed up self care with pampering, food and all kinds of other things, because I had never been taught it.

Long before I had a diagnosis and well into my suffering, I knew that there was something badly wrong with me, but I hid it because I was frightened that people would think that I was being selfish. My childhood abuse had not set me up at all for being a robust, self caring, healthy adult. I was not prepared well for being a person, never mind an adult.

And so the words “self care” actually formed a part of my emotional journey way before they became a part of my physical journey. And because I was so broken and damaged and confused, I was getting nowhere on the “self care” learning curve. So amazingly, long before I could learn what self care was for me, I first had to learn to understand all the things that it is NOT. I blogged about it there on my Broken Soul blog, but it applies just as much here as I am sure that I am not the only Chronic Champion who struggles with self care. What have you mistaken for being self care (either by using it instead of something more healthy, or avoiding it because it is what you thought you had to do, but you don’t like that).


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