Just in case you missed it, Today, Thursday September 8th, is RUOK day (are you ok?).

I cannot begin to tell you what this concept means to those of us with chronic lives to manage, …but I am also keenly aware that this applies to absolutely everyone else just as much. Too many people in my life have told me that they never ask because I appear not to need it, and yet I reckon that I have needed it desperately every day of my life! …and not only that, but…

1: I am pretty sure that if a whole ton of people had asked me this many many years ago I would be in much better shape than I am now, and I would have maybe even been given a diagnosis earlier…

2: About 6 years ago someone did exactly this… they not only asked me if I was ok, but they meant it, they listened, they loved me, they referred me and they walked with me through the long journey to getting help. It didn’t lead to diagnosis yet, however it did lead to me being put on enough rest that I could get my head around what I did need, which in the end lead to the care that I needed.

Go on, ask someone if they are OK today, and mean it, listen and don’t judge them or tell them how to fix it 🙂


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