From my Window #0

After my recent FAQ writing (about travel) I was reminded of the tons of photos that I take out of all the windows that become my bed/office for a day or a few days, in all kinds of places around the world. Some hotels look over beautiful views and others look straight onto the iconic brick wall. (I have to say that we haven’t had too many of those), but the majority of them lie somewhere between average and lovely.

I have no doubt that my series of FAQs will never end but I am hoping that the list starts to run out soon and I can move onto other things, and as many of my fellow Eeds sufferers appreciate what living from bed is like, I thought that I would start a new series, …. on views from my windows. I travel a lot, but I can’t critique the nightlife or the museums, the shopping or the hikes. All I can share is the ups and downs of the trip, and the huge variety of views out of the hotel windows, that I get to look at for hours if not days on end.

Sometimes I’ll share current ones, others old ones, but I’ll let you know which are which. We currently live in South Africa and a lot of our travel is local, so the majority will be here, but many are overseas, I hope that that’s ok… number 1 will start soon ๐Ÿ™‚


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