FAQ: How is it that you travel still?

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 8.58.12 PMA lot of people ask me this question, either directly or implied (come to think of it a lot of questions are implied rather than direct). It can appear to people on the outside that there is a disconnect between my apparent restrictions with my condition, (especially crutch, wheelchair and so much bed time), and the places that I appear to travel to and often. And I get that.

If I was me, and I had to travel like healthy people do, it would be a nightmare. My hubby is a busy and very active person who loves to travel. For many years we couldn’t afford to even go camping, but when we did go somewhere I felt like I was constantly falling back and trying to catch up. It was a nightmare and we both hated it.

But then a while back, within a few years of each other, a few things happened…

1: His promotion meant a LOT of travel for him. It was exciting at first, but back to back long haul flights, nights without each other and the children, me holding fort on my own as a single part time single parent in a lot of pain with no family around to help, then having the one we missed and loved return exhausted and needing time out when we needed him was costly and tough. But it did mean loads of air miles that he can now use on me. He continues to travel a lot.

2: My health deteriorated further which of course was a bad thing, but it also meant that I could no longer stumble and fall trying to keep up. Keeping up was officially no longer an option, …and I got my wheels.

3: Our children became independent and old enough to be left alone and as often as we or they needed.

This combination meant that from time to time we can use the air miles so that I can travel with him. His flight is already paid for, so it’s just me that needs a flight. We can fly business class so that I can rest my legs and not pass out, and using a wheelchair through airports is waaaay easier than stumbling and falling my way through. And in some ways most importantly, because when we get there he is working not playing, I can spend the days recovering and writing and creating in a hotel bed.

Then instead of racing straight home afterwards, if we have the time we hire a car for a few days and hit the road. It is easy on me, he can bring his bicycle, and I can see a bit of the world from the car window.

It is a blessing that we know will run out one day, it is very different to how most people travel, but I can always take my laptop and toys, have a stable continuous writing life, and if I have to see the world from my bedroom window then the chance to do that from many different windows is wonderful while I have it.


3 thoughts on “FAQ: How is it that you travel still?

  1. It seems that we do a lot of accepting. Accepting implications, accepting limits, accepting physical discomfort and pain. Accepting that we are responsible for our happiness in life. We may do things differently but we still can have our accomplishments♡


    1. Beautifully put as always and thanks for the encouragement! It has been suggested to me (overtly and covertly) that if I didn’t go with my husband I would “get better” which is so not true! When I am home alone there is no one to help me with anything and I am miserable because I am missing out, and I get sick of my own four walls. That day may well come eventually but not for a long time I hope! 🙂

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