7 Silver linings of EDS

BrokenDownBody blogged this fabulous post about a week ago, and ever since then I have been trying to notice all the perks in my own life due to living with a chronic condition. It’s really easy to feel that there aren’t any, but she opened up a little light in my life when I nodded through her list at almost all of them (I missed number 5, I can’t get my head around dry shampoo …excuse the pun please!) … if I have the energy to rub stuff through my hair I’d rather do it under running water… so her hair probably looks waaaaay better than mine does right before it actually gets it’s always way over due wash! (I washed it for this post by the way…)

I could only think of seven things so far, but I am sure that I will think of more….

Some make me laugh and others I simply hadn’t really registered before…

1: Having some of my doctors or their receptionists on whatsapp. It is probably easier for them as well as for me. Yes I have a particularly good GP and no I never ever abuse my privilege (which is probably why I have it). I send a message to the receptionist who sorts appointments out or scripts out or whatever, and all I have to do is turn up at the last minute. There was even once when they wanted to monitor some damage over a week and all I had to do was send in a pic every day.

2: I know what my meds should be at all times, therefore the handful of times when the pharmacy has gotten them wrong I could correct them instead of overdosing! And believe me, this has happened on more than one occasion in more than country, and it is very embarrassing for pharmacy people but it makes a huge difference to my life when they get my medication right!

3: My companion doggie. She is just the best. I got her before I knew that I needed one and I am quite sure that she knew all along. She is the most wonderful playful energetic thing, but she never ever leaves my side. I spent a whole year on rest long before I was diagnosed and she spent every moment of it touching me and snuggling me. She really is my perfect buddy.

4: I know my body so well that I know what to do with the littlest things which help stop some of the big things that used to happen (like wearing the right shoes). That might sound a little obvious but often I hear people who complain about how something wasn’t picked up for so long. That used to be me, but not any more. I am onto things so fast they don’t get the chance to go bad (most of the time anyway).

5: I get out of having to go on roller coasters, or take up people’s dares to run up something or chase someone, or beat them anywhere. I am allowed to simply go at my own pace and say no to anything.

6: My wheelchair. When we get stuck in a line or having to stand around waiting somewhere, I already have a seat and am mostly comfortable. Suddenly I feel bad for everyone else..

6: It doesn’t matter if I look silly, I already do. I’m already different and have bandaids on and a blanket to control my body temperature and a weird looking crutch and a bandage or too or a brace somewhere, so I am not “normal” anyway, so I may as well have fun and I can blame it on Mah Eeds…



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