Eeds Plucking!

One of the gazillion things about EDS is that our skin is fragile. So plucking hurts, waxing not only hurts but damages our skin (for many of us) and my body hates it.

I have my eyebrows threaded because it is the most gentle and plucking takes too long and hurts my arms … And I have to save my spoons and there are soooo many things I’d rather do than spend an afternoon plucking ! … And then have to do it again in a week … And then again … And then again … It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

But threading is fast and while it is very painful for me, the results last a couple of weeks. However, finding a time between resting days, Doctor apointments, having a life and sometimes just not feeling robust enough to face it… I then have to factor in the timing, as I can’t be seen in public for 24 hours afterwards. My skin totally freaks out, swells hugely and goes hot and red… These photos just don’t do it justice but believe me that people stare and laugh … So I need to hide for one day for every 14 or so of my life …. So that I can have plucked eyebrows!!!


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