“There you go Hop-along”…

img_2713Nope, it’s not ok to call a disabled person “hop-along” …

A few weeks ago my husband and I were approaching a large entrance in a busy public place, and the kind lady who saw us coming (and me with my crutch), kindly stepped out of the way so that I had plenty of room. As we walked through she said:

“there you go Hop-along”…

I was too shocked to say anything (I guess that is where the term “dumb-stuck”) comes from … and I still am. I have not yet practiced my voice enough to be able to answer things like this with grace or dignity… I just stew and boil and wish that I had said something…

IF I were to be strong enough and quick enough, what would I have said anyway (other than bite her head off, which would do neither of us any good)???


8 thoughts on ““There you go Hop-along”…

  1. Ouuuuch. That’s the sort of comment I can only accept from those close to me who are saying it fondly, fully aware of my situation. People who are giving you a name based on nothing but your crutches are skating on thin ice. One day they will pass comment on someone more ready to fight back and they will wish they could take back their thoughtless BS!


    1. Yes, my loved ones can say all kinds of things because I know that they are safe. (Or a fellow sufferer) But I felt so belittled and patted on the head with this one and it wasn’t cool 😬😡😖


  2. Oh, I am so sorry that your feelings and mostly your pride and mine were hurt. I simply detest when people are so cavalier about someone else’s pain. I have had those same words thrust upon me and it wss usually by coworkers who had seen me in pain before and still inquired what flight of stairs I had fallen down 😉 I guess maybe because we know this wasn’t a skiing accident or some such, but an everyday and sometimes hourly struggle to deal with bodies that cause us physical pain along with the mental stress of wondering how far we can push before our own bodies push us back. Again, Jenn, I am so sorry that person acted with insensitivity and ignorance toward you. Chalk her off to ill mannered and try to forget the injury you received. Darn some.people! Peace be with You♡♡♡


    1. Thank you for you empathy and care, as well as your sympathy as a fellow Eeds person. I don’t think that the world will change and people will always do this, but it’s good to have a platform to unload to and fellow commiserators 😊👊🏻


  3. I’m in total shock that someone actually said that to you! And I don’t think I would have had a quick reply or ‘come-back’ either – I would have been shocked into silence too!


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