Last Monday I shared how important Mondays and Thursdays are to me and after much discussion with quite a few people (both fellow Zebras and healthy people) I was reminded how often I actually give small bits of my Mondays away, which defeats the purposes of keeping these days absolutely free. As soon as I need to pop up to the shops for milk, I first need to shower, get dressed, and …. and … and … Suddenly it is not the rest day that it needed to be.

There are Mondays when I can’t even get out if bed, but increasingly there are more and more Mondays when I spend many hours out of bed and I am sure that it is because I was so careful to recharge and refuel on the Thursday before the weekend. Mondays and Thursdays aren’t just about recovery from the days before them, they are even more importantly about the days ahead!

Mondays and Thursdays where I can’t lift my head off the pillow are awful, but days when I can work on my art in my PJs, communicate with loved ones far and wide, prepare a few easy meals for the days ahead, and write write write on my blogs and my book, are productive, satisfying, give me purpose and hope, and enrich my soul… Which in turn all are the best medicine!

I still need to dramatically pace myself the rest of the week and I have other strategies for that too… But the basic bottom line standard needs to be a completely blank diary on both those days every single week. (I have just gone through my diary and cleared all those teeny compromises that I made on some Mondays 😜)

Happy Monday to you all!


2 thoughts on “Mondays!

  1. May all your Mondays find you moving along quite nicely, thank you♡♡♡ Loved the positivity in your writing and can relate to trying to keep the balance.


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