Shout out to Donald Gordon Medical Centre!

Having a chronic illness is not just about the condition itself. While we lose hours and even days to being in pain, struggling with the ups and downs that come with the bad health itself, the other huge downside of it is the huge amount of time, energy, money and effort that we lose to the constant medical intervention that is there to help us. If I have enough spoons (energy), head space, money, inclination and so on to go out three times a week, believe you me, I would WAAAY rather spend it having fun and hanging out with you. But I often have to lose one or even all those slots to the various doctors, tests, follow-ups, …not to mention spending all that money.

No matter how wonderful doctors and nurses can be, some are downright awful, and others are just really busy or tired or stressed. I am spoilt to have such a great GP, and she sends me to the places that she thinks will be the best for me, but last week it was bone scan time and they were simply terrible and this week was mammogram time. My Gynae sent me to the Donald Gordon Medical Centre here in Johannesburg, and I have no idea how to explain what they did right exactly, only that nothing was hard. I came out of there for the only time in my entire life thinking that if all visits were that easy then my life would improve dramatically (even if they are nearly an hour’s drive away).

So I just want to say a huge huge thank you! To all the staff there, from those who pointed me in the right direction, to everyone that I came across!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 4.38.35 PM


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