TGIM (yes the M is for Monday!)

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At some point on most Thursday nights my husband makes a gleeful comment about the next day being Friday. Many of my friends on Facebook also thank God it is either Friday or about to be. But none of them ever thank Him for Mondays do they? Most people see Mondays like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.37.45 AM.png

But last night as my Facebook feed lamented that today it will be Monday, I felt a jump of glee in my own heart, that yes indeed to would be Monday. I was sooo relieved that today would be Monday, because for me Mondays are the bigger of my two days off a week, (Mondays and Thursdays). Thursdays are a bit like everyone else’s Sundays; a great day off still, but Monday is looming. My Thursdays are great but the weekend looms… Mondays however are about recovering from weekends!

No, I don’t party so hard that I need that kind of recovery, but I save my energy for the weekends and spend it all trying to be as normal as possible. So come Sunday night I am usually quite wasted, and spending Mondays recovering is food for my body and soul.

No one with a chronic illness ever gets to have a day off from it, but the closest thing to it is having a day when you don’t have to do anything else but recharge batteries. I never schedule appointments on Mondays or Thursdays and I don’t make or receive phone calls on those days either (with a few very important exceptions of course). These are the two days that there is no alarm to wake me up, and in theory I could sleep all day if I wanted to. I don’t even have to get dressed on these days. I am sure that this sounds like a Saturday for most people, and certainly my Saturdays are pretty relaxed. But it is a whole lot of hard work being present and alert and in actual conversations with others… and I love all of it and am incredibly thankful for it. But by the end of Sunday there is nothing left and I need to recharge…

So here’s to Monday for all those out there who for whatever reason, Monday’s arrival is a celebration! Woohoo!



6 thoughts on “TGIM (yes the M is for Monday!)

    1. Go for it on one condition… You can’t use the word lazy 😜 lol … It’s called self care and recharge and survival and strengthen for the next few days etc … I broke it today but I had a very restful weekend and I didn’t over do it today … But usually I stick to it like glue because it’s vital (and it doesn’t work if you half do it haha).

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