Small Rant …

Bad week, bad health …. I “did” my shoulder a couple of weeks ago and the whole “not healing” thing just sucks. I lost a whole week to nothing and was in so much pain I couldn’t even read… It’s not really anything new, but it is a huge reminder of how bad the down is. On days when my body is behaving itself relatively well, I often think how silly it is that I own a wheelchair. We bought it knowing that there are times when I have absolutely no other option than use it or stay at home, and if we only use it a handful of times a year then it is worth it. The reality is that we have already needed it a handful of times this year and it is only April…. *sigh* …

I don’t want to blog every single time a joint goes …. one goes mildly almost every day but I am used to that my whole adult life, ….but when they go badly it is a nightmare…. though I don’t want my blog to be one long list of complaints either… I have other things to say that are way more important than complaints, but I haven’t been able to say them, write them, have a life, in two weeks …. and I did my jaw REALLY badly on Saturday and haven’t been able to eat anything solid since. I tried biting into a soft crust pizza today and it was excruciating …. between that and my shoulder which is now not too bad during the day, so I am getting there, I haven’t eaten anything but junk, and I haven’t accomplished anything in two weeks and it SUCKS! I am  sleep deprived as I am yet to find a position lying down where my shoulder is not excruciating, so I am sleeping surrounded in pillows and props, which still don’t entirely do the job of a pain free night. So the pills are being popped, and pillows piled up, and hubby uses his shoulder to hold mine up (until he falls asleep and moves but at least he tried LOL) … and I’m getting a few hours sleep each night but it takes forever to fall asleep and I wake at about 3am in pain ….

And because I am sleep deprived, I am bumping into things more and hurting myself more than usual, including a really bad burn … its a vicious circle that is very hard to break…

So that has been my life for two weeks… I am thankful that I have a husband to take me out and we were away over the weekend for a bike race (him not me) so for two nights my convalescing was in pretty surroundings and from a lovely room …. so I have much to be thankful for … but I am frustrated and miserable and needed a rant today …so thanks for listening !


2 thoughts on “Small Rant …

  1. Thanks! You’re so kind … it’s going from bad to worse as I have now been bitten by something and it’s not pretty… thankfully it is either not too painful or else I am not noticing that it is painful as it is right on Frank (my Lisfranc Injury on my foot), I could really do with out this LOL xx


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