Not all Trauma comes as a Single Blow.

Somewhat off topic again, but these are the books that I have been reading the last few weeks and while they have nothing to do with EDS, they are a really good reminder that not all trauma is in a single major blow. One of the things that we struggle with in chronic illness, is that the trauma can be low level long term rather than a massive single tragedy that people can see, label, and understand! AND seeing as it is such a rarely diagnosed illness and so many health professionals do not understand it, patients are more often than not left completely unheard and brushed under the carpet. So these books really resonated with me in a deep way.

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2 thoughts on “Not all Trauma comes as a Single Blow.

  1. Yes, brushed under the carpet. We are invisible to the world and when we explain EDS and what it means, we are usually met with blank stares.

    Yes, not all trauma comes as a single blow. Each time we are discounted or dismissed or written off it feels like a fresh blow to our collective gut.

    I wish there would come into being an awareness campaign that would educate medical professionals as to what connective tissue diseases feel like. I say feel because they apparently cannot see what connective tissue diseases look like when it would be obvious to any of us. We know the signs and symptoms, most medical folks do not.

    How many have gone to the medical community for help and remain unrecognized and untreated due to simple ignorance?

    How do we, who struggle to take care of ourselves, have the ability to take care of others by getting the right information to the right people?

    How do we make connective tissue diseases recognizable to the medical community? How?


    1. oh I hear you totally!! The main reason that I write this blog is to get awareness out there, but sadly i am just a drop in the ocean and can only do so much! But I will always keep doing my bit, and hopefully with the huge EDS meeting in new york in May, and forums like this, we can eventually make a difference!! Feel free to share any of my blogs with anyone, you never know what each of us can do by raising these issues. Sometimes though I feel overwhelmed as there are SOOO many issues, but I am just trying to not force myself to write every day and use up my spoons! Chipping away at one part of EDS in each post and I will get there eventually! 🙂

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