Surgeon Tomorrow!!!

EEEK!!! MAJOR decision time! Tomorrow I meet with the Orthopod to discuss my LFI, and to decide what (if anything) to do. I still have NO idea which way to go, and there is no middle ground! I can’t have cortisone injections, and the bones in my foot will remain dislocated for life (and will never strengthen) if I do nothing, and as I walk on it less the muscles will get weaker and I will be able to use it less and less and need the wheelchair more and more… so it feels like a silly option, HOWEVER, I can still walk small distances within my home and that is a HUGE bonus, and not to be taken lightly! If we do the bone fusing surgery, it comes with MAJOR risk of not being able to use the foot at all if things don’t go well, and there is a VERY high chance of that happening! … so that feels like a crazy thing to do as well! It is less about which option is BETTER, than which option is WORSE!

I have been praying that it be VERY clear what is the best thing for me to do. No one can give a perfect answer and both options carry risk and can’t be un done! Basically I have to make a choice and that is that regardless of the outcome! So far, nothing has jumped out to make the answer clear to me, and tomorrow is the day! But then I was thinking yesterday, that maybe a great way to know is to pray for a VERY clear answer from the Orthopod. LFI surgeries are risky, rare, and complicated. And I am supposed to avoid surgery with my EDS unless it is life threatening. So a very basic requirement would be that I shouldn’t be an LFI guinea pig for him! If the surgeon has actually done some LFI surgery himself, and all have been successful, then that is one thing, but if he has never actually performed this surgery on a healthy person, then it would be crazy to let him experiment on me right?? So I am praying that he is either SUPER confident that it will be a success, even with the EDS, AND has done many of these surgeries before (how many is many??), AND that they have been successful, AND that he is prepared to work WITH me in the recovery taking into account the FULL extent of my EDS, and for us to make a workable plan before hand and not try and squish me into a “normal” healing time frame and protocol! …. OR … for him to have either never done one before, or is not comfortable taking he risk with me.

If one of those options happen tomorrow then I think that it will be an easy decision for me. However, if it gets complicated with him having done one surgery before, or loads and only half worked, or that he brushes off the EDS, then I suppose it gets a bit complicated?? Altho I think that no matter what, if he brushed off the EDS then I should say a big fat NO right? … let’s just stick to praying for a VERY clear answer one way or the other!


4 thoughts on “Surgeon Tomorrow!!!

  1. Have you had successful surgeries in the past? Maybe more time will see that it heals itself. Such a big decision! Praying you get the right information to make the right choice for you♡


    1. Thank you!
      I have had a bit of surgery and with different degrees of success 😦 … my wrist was 15 years ago and has only healed to about 80% but it doesn’t have to bear ANY weight, and I can’t lean on it at all, so if that was the best that my foot gets, then it would be no better than it is now 😦
      I’ve also had 2 tumours removed (and an ovary and thyroid) and the thyroid was as bad as all the others but ultimately has given me no problems at all long term, but the ovary and all the scar and connective tissue just seems to get worse and worse as the years go by 😦 … (It’s been 12 years already), and then last year I had some MAJOR surgery to repair my stomach muscles (just join them up again really) but the scarring and mess from that is still REALLY painful 18 months later all the time, and I don’t think I would have had it done had I known about the EDS.
      So there is no way to tell and the problem with the LFI is that it can damage your ligaments in a healthy person, so imagine the risk for EDS … eeeekkkk…
      God willing it will be an easy decision tomorrow!


  2. God willing. I will be thinking of you. I myself have been fairly lucky with surgeries. I did have to have three tubal ligations as the first two failed and I then had two ectopic pregnancies. I had surgery due to pelvic organ prolapse about five years ago (after EDS diagnosis) and my doctor said he used ten times the sutures he would have used in a “normal” person. I have refused recommended spine fusion and thumb fusion. The EDS certainly complicates our lives and must be factored into our decision making.


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